Advanced dynamic positioning visualisation software

Paul Boughton

Veripos, a leader in provision of high-precision GNSS positioning solutions for the offshore oil and gas industries, has extended its range of services for Dynamic Positioning (DP) applications with introduction of a new advanced visualisation software package, Orion.

Designed to provide simplified, clear imagery while ensuring rapid and straightforward configuration via either a touch screen interface or keyboard and mouse, the package displays essential information and statistics in such a way as to enable operators to make speedy, informed decisions aboard any type of DP vessel or rig.   

Integrating key views such as GNSS plots for both GPS and Glonass networks and correction delivery satellites, day and night display modes also include time series plots of position calculations as well as traffic light indicators showing overall system health.

Development of Orion has been carried out by Veripos in association with  informed feedback from DP users of its worldwide positioning services ranging from operators of field-support vessels to those for deep-water drilling and construction support incorporating diving and ROV operations.  

As a result, a number of leading operators have already adopted the package as an integral part of their activities using Veripos LD6 receivers or standalone PCs interfaced to LD5 units.

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