Actuators offer significant torque advancement

Paul Boughton

AUMA is extending its portfolio of modular electric actuators to include an SQ .2 part-turn range for butterfly and ball valve automation. Scheduled for launch in 2013, the actuators will replace the company’s established SG.1 range manufactured since 1998.
A new actuator size included in the SQ.2 series more than doubles the torque range previously offered by the SG.1: this represents a significant expansion now covering 50Nm to 2,400Nm.
Other developments include the introduction of an SQR version for modulating duty which replaces the SGR. The SQR provides improved control characteristics with enhanced positioning accuracy and an increased number of permissible starts per hour.
Commissioning and operation of SQ actuators are identical to the SA .2 multi-turn type range, introduced by AUMA in 2010. This includes the same control concept: both ranges are without integral controls and are available with simple AM or micro-controller controlled AC. As a result, controls are interchangeable and, at plants where both product series are installed, on-site device management is simplified.
AUMA’s newly introduced two-component powder coating has been incorporated into the SQ.2 design ensuring improved corrosion protection. The enclosure protection of the devices meets IP 68 - basic standard.
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AUMA Riester GmbH & Co. KG  is based in Muellheim, Germany.

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