Accelerating electronics design

Online Editor

SnapEDA and Panasonic have collaborated to release a free collection of helpful resources for electronics designers.   

These resources include computer-aided design (CAD) models for over 75,000 of Panasonic’s components. These CAD models allow engineers to make custom products with Panasonic’s electronics components quickly and reliably.

“Panasonic strives to provide the highest quality products to its customers and these new CAD models are no exception. Our new collaboration brings thousands of new high-quality CAD models to engineers, streamlining their design process and enabling them to move to scale faster and more reliably with Panasonic components,” said Natasha Baker, Founder & CEO of SnapEDA. 

The new models include schematic symbols and PCB footprints for electronics design, as well as 3D mechanical models to ensure proper mechanical clearances and design visualization. In addition to the CAD models themselves, engineers can also see a real-time report generated by SnapEDA’s verification technology, to gain instant transparency into manufacturability.

The new CAD models cover Panasonic’s radial and surface mount resistors, capacitors and inductors. They are compatible with all major electronics and mechanical design tools.

“Panasonic is proud to support its customers with CAD models through SnapEDA’s global design community. In mere weeks, SnapEDA created and verified over 75,000 CAD models and its rapid support made the process seamless,” said Tetsuya Fukuzawa, Director at Panasonic Industrial Solutions.

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