6W encapsulated converter meets 3rd edition medical safety standard

Paul Boughton

Murata has launched a series of isolated 6 Watt encapsulated single and dual output DC/DC converters that meet current third generation medical safety requirements.

The NCM6 range from Murata Power Solutions provides an ultra wide 4:1 input range and is available in three nominal input voltage ranges of either 5 VDC input (4.5 – 9 VDC 2:1 range), 12 VDC (9 – 36 VDC 4:1 range) or 48 VDC (18 – 75 VDC 4:1 range). Each nominal input voltage variant offers seven output voltage models. Four of these are single output versions with +3.3, +5, +12 or +15 VDC output.

Three dual output models provide +5, +12 or +15 VDC output options with Input to output isolation of 5200 VDC. 

The DC/DC converters are encapsulated in order to achieve high levels of thermal performance and are housed in an industry standard package measuring 20.0 x 32.0 x 10.75mm. 

The operating temperature range is from – 40 to +85 degrees C and the device is protected against damage due to excess operating temperatures. An input undervoltage lockout feature protects the output should the input voltage fall below specified limits.

The converters are certified to UL60950 for IT equipment and 3rd edition medical safety standard UL60601 for 2 MOOP is pending.

For more information, visit www.murata.eu