50% time reduction when stripping cables

Paul Boughton

Cable stripping can often be a challenging and time-consuming process, with damage to the cores and their jackets difficult to avoid.

By integrating a tear strip into the igus CFRIP chainflex cable jacket, CFRIP simplifies the stripping back of cables, especially those with gusset-filled extruded jackets, without damaging the cores. Electrical engineers and panel fitters can not only halve the cable stripping time typically required using conventional methods, but also avoid the need for using additional cable stripping tools.

CFRIP is offered in the chainflex unshielded cables, where the tear strip is in the outer jacket, and in shielded versions, where the tear strip is in the inner jacket. This innovative technology is available for 230 chainflex cable types, including control and motor cable families.

The cables are designed in such a way that the integrated tear strip does not damage the outer jacket or cores during operation. As with all products in the chainflex family, CFRIP is tested for millions of cycles of movement in e-chains for assured reliability in dynamic applications.