4mm pitch spring connector

Louise Smyth

Mill-Max Manufacturing announces a new ruggedised long stroke 4mm pitch spring-loaded connector (SLC) that is aimed at tough applications in rough environments.

The new 858 series is suitable for applications where the connector will experience side loading, great variation in vertical engagement, high levels of shock and vibration, high cycle counts and extremes of temperature.

The 858 series features heavy-duty spring pins with 0.050-in (1.27 mm) diameter plungers that resist bending during the application of side loads.

The gold-plated stainless steel spring ensures reliable operation over 1 million cycles and is less prone to stress relaxation when operating at higher temperatures over time (260°C max @ 1 hour, 180°C max @ 24 hours).

Each spring pin is rated for 9 amps at a 10°C temperature rise with a contact resistance of less than 20 mili-ohms.

Offered in through-hole, SMT and SMT with alignment pin versions, the 858 series features a high temperature moulded Nylon 46 housing that is compatible with RoHS soldering processes.

Mounting tabs, integrated into the housing, provide a means for secure attachment to the PCB or product assembly.

The tab holes may be specified with threaded inserts or left empty for other hardware requirements.The flanged base provides stability.

In common with all Mill-Max products the new SLCs employ high-speed precision turning with extremely tight tolerances.