42-inch multi-touch display with full HD resolution

Paul Boughton

Display Solutions extends its DisplayTouch line with the introduction of a 42-inch multi-touch display.

Allowing up to 10 touch points at one time, these displays integrate Planar Scatter Detection (PSD) technology that works with gloved hands. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, within the correct enclosure.

The DT-S42FD features 920 x 1080 full HD resolution, with a bezel free front. The PSD technology uses advanced opto-mechanics and signal processing to offer an optical in-glass technology requiring no ITO - unlike other touchscreen technologies, such as P-CAP, lines are not visible to the user on the front of the screen providing a perceivably clearer image. In addition, this touch technology is insensitive to EMI/RFI.

“Through using PSD technology, the DT-S42FD offers better picture quality than other similar multi-touch displays currently available on the market,” begins Brendan O’Reilly, account manager at Display Solutions. “This innovative technology is an exciting product to bring to our DisplayTouch range, and with interest already received from system integrators, we are looking forward to seeing the DT-S42FD used across a wide variety of industries."

Compatible with Windows 8, the DDC output connection enables system integrators to plug in a board, and a complementary OCS device allows for the screen to be used as a PC. RoHS compliant, the screen also carries CE, FCC-A, UL and CUL safety approvals.