3D smart snapshot sensors

Paul Boughton

The latest addition to Stemmer Imaging's portfolio of 3D smart measurement sensors is the new Gocator 3100 series of 3D smart snapshot sensors.

Featuring an integral structured blue LED light projection illumination source with stereo scanning technology, they are suitable for a wide variety of non-contact, in-line inspection applications where objects must remain stationary.

A rich set of volumetric and specific 3D feature measurement tools can be used in many inspection applications from automotive to reverse engineering.  Specific measurement tools include rectangular opening, circular opening, slot, cylinder, threaded stud, corners, edges, and gap & flush.

The BOA range of smart cameras includes the BOA, BOA Pro and BOA IDR models which can be used in a multitude of automated inspection applications. The BOA Pro has the powerful Sherlock software on board, previously only available on PC-based systems. Sherlock provides a comprehensive range of measurement and analysis tools complemented by advanced pattern recognition tools for object alignment and robot guidance.

For more information, visit www.stemmer-imaging.co.uk

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