3D fibre laser system

Paul Boughton

Prima Power’s LASERDYNE 430 Versa 3D fibre laser system, with third generation BeamDirector, is designed for the typical laser processing needs of tool rooms, model shops and R&D centres of manufacturers.

This system provides the optimum balance of cost, flexibility, and precision for laser cutting, welding, drilling, texturing, and marking of a wide range of materials. The 430 Versa also provides a cost effective path into volume production by making possible the full benefits of fibre laser processing with an effectively priced workstation.

The 430 Versa is equipped with an air-cooled 3000W peak power fibre laser and the LASERDYNE BeamDirector. The BeamDirector provides two axes of laser beam motion without part movement.

The 430 Versa also provides precision through the use of the same design and technology as LASERDYNE systems used in aerospace and medical device production around the world.

Precision comes not only from the performance and accuracy of the 430 Versa motion system but also from advanced LASERDYNE exclusive features that allow the fiber laser to effectively perform a full range of tasks. This is the result of integrated control of the laser, motion and processors. Precision is not only measured by the accuracy and repeatability of the machine tool but more importantly by the parts produced on the system. 

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