Data logger with five humidity sensors

Paul Boughton

Developed by the Swiss technology company MSR Electronics GmbH, the MSR145 mini data logger can furthermore be equipped with fluid pressure sensors for the first time and temperature measurements are now possible for an extended measuring range from -250°C to 1200°C.

Four years ago the developers of MSR Electronics GmbH presented the world’s first miniature MSR145 quality data logger. The key features of the universal logger were and still are its small housing, exceptionally large memory and high modularity. This product, which is now sold in more than 30 countries, was continuously refined and is available today in almost countless combinations for the most diverse documentation and monitoring tasks. [Page Break]

You can now select whether you wish to equip the MSR145 data logger with more than one sensor of the same measurand. Optionally, you can now connect up to five temperature, humidity or pressure sensors to the MSR145, or you can combine various sensors with one another. In addition to temperature, humidity or pressure you can – depending on the number of channels you have already assigned – further select an acceleration sensor or you can decide on two or four additional analogue inputs.

In order to measure the pressure of fluids such as water or oil, the MSR145 mini data logger can now be equipped with an external pressure sensor for an absolute measuring range of either 0–3000mbar or 0–30bar. Whether forward or return flow measurements for checking and setting in heating systems or for specific applications in industry and research - the new fluid pressure sensor extends the application possibilities of MSR145 significantly. [Page Break]

Now you can use the MSR145 data logger for applications in the minus range up to -250°C, for example for monitoring refrigerated transport. To this end the MSR145 can be equipped with an external connector for either 1 or 4 thermal elements (Type K) and a measurement range of -250°C to 1200°C.

Currently there are no other comparable dataloggers on the market capable of recording as many measurement parameters (temperature, humidity, pressure, light and position/acceleration simultaneously) from within such a small case and which allows such meaningful long-term measurements to be carried out as can the MSR145 data loggers.

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