Super-slim 42-in four-point multi-touch screen

Paul Boughton

The first dedicated four-point-touch 42-in display in the UK is now available from DisplayTouch.

The rugged multi-touch monitor is designed specifically for commercial, retail and industrial use and offers reliability and longevity combined with user-friendly touch.

The four-point touch facility in a large format is unique to the UK market and offers the latest gesturing capabilities designed by the world's leading provider of optical touch sensors. The sensor is factory fitted and calibrated and is supplied ready to use.

Despite its size, the DisplayTouch 42-in screen features an exceptionally slim design and weighs only 25kgs, an important advantage for integrators working within weight constraints as similar monitors available are up to 5kgs heavier.

The monitors can be configured as either portrait or landscape, for integration in kiosks or desk-mounted.

DisplayTouch is produced by and exclusively available from Display Solutions.

The new 42-in monitor now extends the DisplayTouch range which also includes screen sizes of 15,17,19,22 and 32 inches. For further details please visit:

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