New industrial router family

Paul Boughton

INSYS icom has launched the new EBW router series. The high-end devices are easy to operate. The robust routers for DIN rail installation are compact, measuring just 110 x 45 x 70 mm (l x w x h). They are a reliable routing solution which provides a perfect entry point into the world of industrial data communication.

Dr. Werner Eberle, Product Manager at INSYS icom, says: “Designed for nothing more and nothing less than simple and secure routing, EBW routers are easy to install which makes them interesting for mass applications such as the networking of manufacturing islands as well as smart grid and IT applications.” [Page Break]

An integrated firewall and VPN functionality ensure secure data transfer. EBW-H100 and EBW-E100 models are available as of now. The fast mobile wireless EBW-H100 router uses both HSPA and GPRS for data transfer. The device features a 2-port switch for direct interfacing with an application or the network.

The EBW-E100, on the other hand, is a pure Ethernet router with one public and one local LAN interface. WLAN-enabled versions of both EBW models are being prepared. I

In addition to these devices, INSYS icom will implement its first industrial LTE router as a further model in this series. All EBW routers are primed for use with the INSYS Connectivity Service which enables easy quick-start integration into a VPN.

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