Skin effect heating systems delivered

Paul Boughton

BARTEC has delivered skin effect heating systems into the Kharyaga field. The tailor made solution provides engineering, calculation, design, supply, installation, commission, and supervision. The target was to assure frost protection and temperature maintaining at the long transfer pipe lines of the oil field in the oil-rich Nenets tundra.
Despite the harsh conditions on the Kharyaga field, located some 60km north of the Arctic Circle, production there has continued uninterrupted since the field came on stream years ago, an achievement owed to a number of specific measures.[Page Break]
By drilling with deviated wells from a limited number of pads away from the central processing station the impact of surface installations is minimised. To prevent plugging the waxy oil is maintained at 40°C. All facilities have high-performance insulation and the BARTEC skin effect heating systems are implemented. BARTEC delivered its complete skin effect heating systems into the Kharyaga field. For this application, the skin effect heating system could show its advantages: It is the most cost effective solution at long or unlimited distance lengths with least number of feeding points. The rugged heating circuit is encapsulated in a heat tube element under the insulation and cladding. There is a constant power output for safe temperatures to protect the medium and installation and the system is certified for use in explosive atmosphere.
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