3M to second source FCI’s HPCE and HP2 power connectors

Paul Boughton
3M is to second source FCI’s High Power Card Edge (HPCE) and HP2 power product families for telecoms and networking applications. Nick Flaherty reports.

The HPCE connector is a next-generation power card edge connector for demanding applications requiring high linear current density and low power loss. HPCE offers a low profile height (2.8mm for straddle mount and 7.5 mm for right angle) and is based on FCI’s high reliability stamped-and-formed power contact technology.

The connector incorporates an innovative power contact and housing design that permits a more compact and lower profile package for demanding AC and DC power supply and/or add-in card applications. HPCE’s low profile height (for maximized airflow), significantly increased linear current density and low contact resistance characteristics are aimed at next generation 1U/2U servers, storage enclosures, telecommunications equipment and datacom/networking equipment.

“Working with 3M will drive the standard for low-profile, high-efficiency power connectors and cable assemblies,” said said Dong Yu, global power portfolio director at FCI. “HPCE already has great traction in the market and HP2 will further extend the family with innovative, two-piece solutions for board-to-board and cable-to-board applications.”[Page Break]

The HPCE cable-to-card edge is available with the same features as the standard HPCE board mount product but is focused on power distribution applications via cabling. It includes high power (10–14 AWG wire) and low power (14–16 AWG wire) contact options as well as integrated signal contacts (22 – 26 AWG wire). The modular tooling approach maximizes flexibility to meet a wide range of power distribution requirements including bus bar attachment. The integrated latching option makes it ideal for high shock-and-vibration environments.

The HP2 product is similar to HPCE but uses a two-piece design (header-to-receptacle connectors/cable assemblies). Integrated guide features make it ideal for blindmate applications where system guidance is not readily available. The HP2 product is available in board-to-board and cable-to-board configurations and includes power contacts for power distribution and signal contacts for power control.[Page Break]

3M anticipates having the connectors available in early 2013.

“3M is extremely pleased to work with FCI by providing the industry with a second source of FCI’s innovative HPCE and HP2 power connectors and cable assemblies,” said David Schneider, global business manager for interconnect, 3M Electronic Solutions Division. “FCI’s expertise in power product design and 3M’s expertise in connector technology and material science is a good match to offer a standard, dual-sourced power solution.”
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