Dotmatrix displays are dead - long live the dotmatrix display

Paul Boughton

Electronic Assembly developed its EA DIP203-4 LCD module for applications that require exceptional readability and will be shown it at the electronica 2012. The module features a high-contrast, alphanumeric LCD supertwist display for four rows of text at 20 characters per row.
Standard LED background illumination makes the text even more legible. The dot-matrix display comes in three variants. Users can choose from black text on a yellow/green background, white text on a blue background, and black text on a white background.

An automatic temperature compensation facility eliminates the need to adjust the contrast.

The display is driven by a built-in controller of type SSD1803, which is 90 percent compatible with the popular HD44780 controller. The character set that ships with the display supports 240 letters, numbers, and symbols; users can also define eight characters of their own. The controller receives its control commands via a fast SPI interface. [Page Break]

A 4 and 8-bit databus interface is also available for the display. The EA DIP203-4 is particularly easy to install, since no mechanical assembly is required. Simply insert the module into the circuit board and solder! Power is supplied via a single line carrying 3.3 volts.

The LED illumination requires a constant 150mA for the green/yellow variant and a constant 45mA for the blue/white and black/white variants. The wide range of operating temperatures (from - 20°C to +70°C) makes the display the ideal candidate for applications in many industrial environments.

Additional variants with the same casing and pinout are also available. Customers can choose from dot-matrix models that support 1 x 8 or 2 x 16 characters as well as a full-graphic version with 122 x 32 pixel resolution.

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