Fire Protection for the Shipbuilding Industry

Paul Boughton

Fire protection has always been a serious issue in the shipbuilding industry, with the demand for appropriate protection concepts steadily increasing.

The result of ongoing research and development is the constant enhancement of the fire protection systems and products available.
At the first specialist conference "Fire Protection for the Shipbuilding Industry" on 3rd and 4th December 2012, DMT's Test Centre for Fire Protection will inform participants about the latest developments and hopefully give them the impetus for some interesting expert discussions. The subjects to be presented are particularly aimed at shipbuilders, outfitters, suppliers and testing or notified bodies.
The event will take place in the Goldsaal of the Westfalenhalle congress centre in Dortmund, where, on the first day, industry and research experts will report on themes such as fire protection requirements from a manufacturer's or shipyard's perspective. One of the focal points will most certainly be the numerous amendments to the IMO 2010 FTP Code concerning material testing, classification and normative changes.
Day two, which is devoted to interdisciplinary discussion and practical experience, will include a tour of DMT's test centre facilities in Dortmund.

The qualitative presentations and interactive nature of this event should serve as a valuable platform for those involved to exchange specialist knowledge and consider best-practice solutions.
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