The machine builder’s HMI

Paul Boughton

With the addition of the GT14 to its range of GOT1000 series HMIs, Mitsubishi Electric is setting new performance benchmarks for mid-range 5.7" panel-mount terminals.

The GT14 is a 5.7-in HMI available in both monochrome and colour versions providing a screen resolution of 320x240 pixels and a host of features and functions that bring increased flexibility and capability to control systems.

The colour version boasts a TFT screen displaying 65,536 colours for enhanced clarity instead of the 256 colours more typical at its
price-point, while the monochrome version employs an STN screen offering 16 grey scales. Both offer features such as long-life LED backlighting, analogue touch functions, front-face USB port, an SD card slot, IP67f front panel sealing, and the option of Ethernet communications.

A key feature of the GT14 is its advanced communications options. RS232 and RS422/485 ports are included as standard, with Ethernet available as an option. The GT14 features an 'FA Transparent' function that enables a connected PC to link directly through to Mitsubishi Electric FA products such as PLCs, inverters and servo drives. [Page Break]

The USB ports enable simple transfer of Operating System and project data, as well as allowing the connection of a keyboard and mouse. In addition to the traditional USB port on the rear of the terminal, the GT14 also features a USB port on the front face, making it easier to transfer data to and from the terminal without having to open up the panel.

The front port is protected by a cover which maintains the IP67f protection.

An SD card slot completes the communications possibilities, enabling standard SD cards to be used for logging and backup/restore functions for PLC programs and parameters. [Page Break]

The GT14 lets you log data from remotely connected devices such as PLCs and temperature controllers, with the built-in RAM able to store up to 2,000 data points. Data can then be stored or transferred on SD card or USB memory devices.

Other functions include the control and monitoring of up to two channels of FA products connected to the GT14 over either serial or Ethernet communications. To enable multiple functions to be used simultaneously the GT14 is equipped with 9MB of flash memory.

The GT14 is fully compatible with GT Works 3 for screen design, and offers a full suite of common functions, objects and

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