Trends, tips and the effect of legislation

Paul Boughton

The electronics distribution sector can certainly no longer remain just a distributor of parts and components, the Farnell element14 Community is an online resource where people can go for advice, review the latest products or trends, and discover tips on what legislation means and where people can share ideas.

In addition to growing the range of products available globally to Premier Farnell customers from thousands of trusted manufacturers and suppliers, the company invested heavily in offering end to end engineering products and solutions that save valuable design time for customers.

Engineers and maintenance professionals the world over told Premier Farnell that finding detailed technical information and legislative documentation is key for them, especially for new product introductions.

Customers can now access this on Premier Farnell product information pages directly on ts websites in your local language or on dedicated platforms like The Knode on element14 for embedded design or for detailed questions you can speak to our Technical Support Specialists via LiveChat directly from its website.

Premier Farnell has launched Raspberry Pi, the low-cost single board computer also saw the company partner with the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a non-profit charity helping to re-establish the teaching of computer science and programming within educational institutions.

The potential of wireless power is just beginning to be realised and will completely change the way we interact with devices and the way accessories are designed.