Springless non-return valves cut pressure drops

Paul Boughton

Springless non-return valves introduced by Boiswood create a smaller pressure differential when open compared with conventional spring operated check valves. By using a magnetic field rather than a spring to provide the closing force, the Magros valves reduce energy losses, eliminate shutter vibration and offer improved reliability.

Traditional spring check valves produce increasing resistance as the shutter opens and the spring becomes more compressed. However, with Magros valves the magnetic closing force decreases as the shutter opens further. The minimum cracking pressure is also low at less than 0.1 bar.[Page Break]

The valve body is machined from solid stainless steel, with surfaces in contact with the product machined, ground, electrolytically polished or passivated. The valves are suitable for gases and liquids in the temperature range from -40˚C to +50˚C.

Cryogenic models are also available, suitable for fluid temperatures between -196˚C (-269˚C) and 50˚C and with a minimum cracking pressure of less than 0.03 bar.[Page Break]

The main application areas for the valves are in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, food production and laboratories using technical gases, particularly in cryogenic and ultra high purity applications.

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