8Gb channels for industrial image processing

Paul Boughton
The Acceed ECS-5600 Series Box PCs have high performance and optimised cooling technology. Thanks to the i7 processor and cooling technology, the fanless PCs are suitable for compute-intensive tasks such as video monitoring and Machine Vision.

With the ECS-5600-8R, Acceed augments the series with a Box PC incorporating 8 gigabit Ethernet ports. This makes the ECS-5600-8R a suitable tool for centrally controlling peripherals.

The ECS-5600-8R is equipped with the Intel i7 second generation quad core processor performing at a maximum clock rate of 3GHz and a power input of 45 watts. Optionally, an i5, i3 or Celeron processor can be used. [Page Break]

The Box PC is fanless and can be operated at an ambient temperature between -25 and 70°C. This extreme temperature range is enabled by the optimized cooling technology employed by the ECS-5600 series: all components which generate heat are connected directly to the heat sink in the aluminium casing. This guarantees optimum heat dissipation at all times. Even at ambient temperatures of 70°C, the processor does not heat up in excess of 95°C and maintains its constant performance.

The dimensions of the casing are 260 × 79 × 175mm and it weighs 2.8kg. The mounting bracket supplied enables fast wall installation.

The casing is prepared to hold two SATA-III removable hard disks which are easily accessible from outside. Up to 16 GB DDR3 memory is excellently suited for the high data throughput of Machine Vision.[Page Break]

The ECS-5600-8R comes with a variety of interfaces: 6 × USB, 2 × eSATA, 4 × COM. 8 gigabit Ethernet ports enable the monitoring of processes with high data throughput. Equipped with EtherCAT support, these ports meet the real-time requirements of modern automation technology. Two mini PCIe interfaces with SIM card slots enable the retrofitting of both WiFi and 3G. Consequently, the ECS-5600-8R can access the Internet via mobile networks and operate anywhere without supply lines.

The GMA HD 3000 graphics chipset provides 3D imaging in full HD and supports output on two screens with DVI-D/HDMI and VGA. The built-in AMT (Active Management Technology) from Intel protects the ECS-5600-8R against computer viruses, automatically saves hardware information and improves remote diagnosis via the network.

For more information, visit www.acceed.de

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