Protecting bucket elevator conveyor chain

Paul Boughton

Tsubaki has launched two new components to its bucket elevator products range to deliver twice the service life over conventional products. Its latest FB-specification conveyor attachment chain for bucket elevators features an innovative sealing solution to prevent lubricant contamination, while replacement sprocket blades help to keep the wheels turning for twice as long.

Tsubaki has launched two new components to its bucket elevators are traditionally found in extremely tough environments, such as quarries and mines, where they are used to transfer highly abrasive materials such as fly ash (a component of cement), coal and coke. These materials tend to migrate between the pins and bushings of the chain, a contributing factor to chain elongation which reduces the service life of the chain.

Tsubaki's new FB-specification chain for bucket elevators uses a unique O-ring design between the link plates to protect against contamination. FB-specification chain uses a solid lubricant that is bonded to the inner surface of the chain bushing; an O-ring is then mounted between each outer and inner link to prevent external contaminants from entering, while retaining the solid lubricant within.[Page Break]

Designed for bucket elevators, the conveyor chain features a straight attachment on the side of each outer link to which the buckets are bolted. It has an operating temperature range of -15˚C to 200˚C.

Bucket elevator sprockets are also subjected to the harsh working environments and often have a short service life which can lead to regular, high replacement costs; the sprocket teeth being rapidly eroded by the high friction loads and contaminant ingress issues.

To further reduce maintenance requirements, Tsubaki supplies Thermal-Spray-Specification Replaceable Sprocket Blades to sit between the chain and the sprocket proper.

The sprocket blade inserts protect the sprocket from the worst of the wear. Each single insert can be removed and replaced when it becomes worn.

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