Control interface upgrade at power station

Paul Boughton
The UK’s largest, cleanest and most efficient coal-fired power station will continue to ensure the safe movement of trains on-site and supply of fuel to the facility, thanks to Imtech UK’s Capula business division.

Staffordshire-based Capula replaced an obsolete SCADA system with a modern SCADA solution at Drax Power Station, in North Yorkshire. The new system was built into the materials handling control system, which Capula had recently installed, as well as being interfaced with the existing Solid State Interlocking rail system.

Capula’s Chief Executive, Roger Turner, said: “The process involved reverse engineering the previously written bespoke code and thorough offline testing via a simulator. In addition, we replicated existing screen visualisations to ensure a seamless changeover.

“As a long term control and operational IT systems partner to Drax, our intimate knowledge from previous key projects made us an obvious choice to deliver this solution.”

George Eccleston, Senior C&I Engineer at Drax, praised Capula’s work. He said: “Capula’s efforts have openly demonstrated its ongoing work qualities, which are contributing towards the success of Drax.”

The Drax Power Station has six 660MW generating units producing around 4000MW of electricity, which represents 7 per cent of the UK's total requirements.

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