Online product selector for infrared temperature sensors

Paul Boughton

Precision sensor manufacturer Micro-Epsilon has launched a new online tool for assisting customers in selecting the most appropriate infrared temperature sensor for their application.

With so many product variants within its thermoMETER range of infrared temperature sensors, Micro-Epsilon’s new ‘Product Selector’ tool speeds up the time it takes for customers to find the right product for their needs. The tool is accessible via the company’s website homepage.       

Product Selector is an easy-to-use product configurator that utilises just four parameters in order to identify a suitable sensor solution for common applications.

First, the user specifies the material of the object to be measured from a pre-defined list of options that includes more than 40 materials such as glass, ceramics, steel, aluminium, plastics and rubber.[Page Break]

Next, the user specifies the spot size diameter between 0 and 400mm, followed by the distance between the sensor and the target object (0 to 6,750mm).

The user is then invited to select the temperature measuring range – anywhere between -50˚C to 1,800˚C. If a product with laser aiming/marking is required for accurate alignment, or if space restrictions call for a more compact sensor with integrated controller, the user can refine the search accordingly.

Based on the four parameters above, the user is then presented with a list of on-screen product options. From this list, the user can select a sensor product, view the product datasheet, specify other application details such as cable lengths and output options, and then request a quotation.

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