Evaluation Board for LPC4357

Paul Boughton

Hitex Development Tools introduces the LPC4357 Evaluation Board for NXP’s new Cortex-M4-based dual-core LPC4357 microcontrollers.

The LPC4357 is provided with 1MB Flash, 16kB EEPROM and 136kB SRAM on chip.

The evaluation board is USB-powered, but can also be driven by external power supply or via power-over-Ethernet. It is equipped with SDRAM (64Mbit), SRAM (4Mbit), parallel flash (32Mbit), serial flash (64Mbit) and a serial EEPROM.

For debugging a JTAG as well as a 20-pin Cortex debug connector with ETM is available. All channels (USB1 and USB2) as well as Ethernet are provided via a PHY. This makes USB device, USB host and OTG available as well as UART and CAN.

An iPod interface cable is provided as an option. Application samples show how to control the iPod. With the DSP functionality, the conversion and output of the audio signal over the on-board Class-D audio amplifier is possible.

For more information, visit www.ehitex.com