Adhesive for cold bonding in conveyor technology

Paul Boughton
Increased reliability and safety despite simplified application is promised by the new adhesive Conti Secur PREMIUM, which is used for a variety of different cold bondings on conveyor belts.

As it only has a single component instead of the usual two, it is ready for immediate use and guarantees a long service life.

"In heavy industry applications, we normally use two-component adhesives. Conti Secur PREMIUM is an innovative new product that requires just one component," explains Wolfgang Kerwel, application engineer at the ContiTech Conveyor Belt Group in Northeim. He was the one who originally had the idea for the single-component adhesive, and has worked together with adhesive specialist HB Fuller Company to develop a marketable product that is now manufactured exclusively for ContiTech. Conti Secur PREMIUM has been available since October 15 in 0.8-l containers. It can be used universally in the same way as Conti Secu BFA.[Page Break]
For users, the one-component adhesive based on polychloroprene offers two main advantages – firstly in terms of metering, secondly in terms of application and handling. As there is no need for a reinforcement solution, there is no risk of mistakes being made during metering. Furthermore, every last drop of Conti Secur PREMIUM can be used, without the adhesive vulcanizing in the container within a short space of time, which makes the adhesive particularly cost-effective.
Conti Secur PREMIUM can be used in a range of different applications, including rubber-to-rubber bonds and rubber-to-metal bondings, as well as for cold splicing of fabric ply belts.
Another advantage over two-component adhesives is the reduced packaging volume thanks to the omission of reinforcement solution. This reduces costs both during dispatch and in storage, not to mention during waste disposal.

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