Longwall shearer features robust one-piece mainframe

Paul Boughton

At the core of the Cat EL3000 longwall shearer is the robust one-piece mainframe that ensures durable performance and provides maximum protection for modular components, yet it is designed for ease of maintenance.

The Jumbotrack haulage system also delivers high performance and long service life. The innovative two-piece trapping shoe, which attaches the shearer to the haulage rack system, allows easy wear part replacement at any location along the face for maximum uptime.   

The EL3000 shearer mines seams of 106 to 213 inches (2.7 to 5.4m) in height with cutting power of as much as 2 x 1,150hp (860kW). A range of cutting motors is available to suit all mining conditions. Haulage motors have power of as much as 2 x 200hp (150kW), and the pump motor has 100hp (75kW) to provide a total installed power of more than 3,000hp (2,295kW). The high level of installed power delivers production capacity of more than 5,500 tons (5,000 tonnes) per hour.[Page Break]

Caterpillar has developed a state-of-the-art distributed automation system for the control, monitoring and protection of the shearer. Its modular design allows it to be configured to meet individual control needs, from basic monitoring and protection to advanced automation and data transmission.

The PMC Evo-S control system with state-of-the-art Ethernet communication and back-up functionality allows the shearer to be operated even if the overall control system is not functioning. Remote control and diagnosis are possible for all components.

VibraGuard is an available condition monitoring system for Cat longwall shearers. The system collects data and transfers it to a surface control center computer for detailed analysis and evaluation. It enables trained personnel to predict machine component wear, avoid unplanned downtime and set alarms to warn the operator if monitored machine components run the risk of damage. This comprehensive protection promotes long component life by identifying small problems before they become big ones, and it contributes to high shearer availability by reducing unplanned downtime.[Page Break]

The PMC system with Ethernet bus offers additional benefits. It results in a vast reduction in wiring and a great increase in flexibility. There are no interfacing problems, as equipment connected to the network only needs to be able to communicate via Internet Protocol. Commissioning, maintenance, upgrades and troubleshooting are much easier and faster, and equipment is self-configuring. The few cables that are used are standard Ethernet cables rather than application-specific cables. Flameproof housings are no longer required, simplifying installation and speeding up maintenance.

For more information, visit www.mining.cat.com

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