Isolated gate driving and fault sensing

Paul Boughton

High-power industrial applications such as solar power inverters, motor drives and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) demand a gate driver optocoupler with high performance and critical protection features.

Fairchild Semiconductor developed the FOD8316 smart gate driver optocoupler, an advanced 2.5A output current IGBT drive optocoupler to help designers meet this challenge.
The FOD8316 optocoupler offers the critical protection necessary for preventing fault conditions that lead to destructive thermal runaways of IGBTs. This new product family is comprised of high-speed isolated feedback for fault sensing and is ideally suited for driving fast-switching power IGBTs and MOSFETs. The device consists of an integrated gate drive optocoupler featuring low RDS(ON) CMOS transistors to drive the IGBT from rail-to-rail.

Features and benefits include: 2.5A output current driving capability for most 1,200V/150A IGBT; High noise immunity characterized by CMR: 35kV/µsec @Vcm-1500Vpk; 1, 414V peak working insulation voltage and 8,000V peak transient isolation voltage rating; Output voltage swing rail-to-rail for low-power dissipation; Soft IGBT turn-off; High-speed: 500nsec propagation delay time; 3.3V/5V, CMOS/TTL for logic input

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