Enhanced fuel efficiency for wheel loader

Paul Boughton
Recent design refinements for the 993K wheel loader are aimed at better serving mining and quarry customers worldwide by further enhancing the 993K's ability to deliver reliable, low-cost production with durability and safety.

Now available with either a Tier 4 Final or Tier 2 Equivalent Cat C32 engine, the 993K incorporates new engine control and power train features that boost performance and reduce fuel consumption, while the new Cycle Timer feature adds efficiency to loading operations.
The updated 993K fuel consumption is reduced as much as 10 per cent, achieved by lowering rated speed and equipping the machine with Auto Idle Kickdown (reduces throttle-lock speed after a set idling interval) and Engine Idle Shutdown (shuts down the engine after extended periods of idling). [Page Break]

A new battery management system shuts down electrical power after the latter system activates. Complementing these features is the Delayed Engine Shutdown system, which allows the engine to idle after key-off to cool the turbocharger for extended life.

A new torque converter is matched to work precisely with the reduced engine speed, maintaining rimpull and hydraulic performance, while gaining further fuel savings. In addition, the Powertrain Torque Strategy system ensures optimum converter output at reduced speeds. The system also reduces engine speed for directional shifts made at high ground speeds.[Page Break]

The 993K Vital Information System (VIMS 3G)—which allows real-time assessment of machine performance and includes an advanced Payload Control System that enables on-the-go weighing and payload recordkeeping—now includes a Cycle Timer feature that tracks and stores all aspects of the truck loading cycle in an eight-segment format. Cycle Timer promotes efficient operation by providing detailed information (such as average cycle time, wait time, fuel consumed, and tons produced per unit of fuel) that can be used in management reports.

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