From solar inverters, welding systems to mobile power

Paul Boughton

Fairchild Semiconductor will exhibit the latest in silicon carbide (SiC) technology as well as over 15 innovative power and mobile solutions at the electronica Europe 2012 show, New Munich Trade Fair Centre, Munich, Germany, between 13 – 16 November.

Fairchild will demonstrate its high performance SiC bipolar junction transistor (BJT) technology that enables higher efficiency and higher power density for applications such as solar inverters, welding systems, and mobile power. 

The Fairchild team will also conduct demonstrations in application areas such as LED lighting, as well as solutions for portable applications, including  portable power management and interface. [Page Break]

Featured demos include:

* LED Lighting: Fairchild lighting experts will demonstrate a dimmable 25W PWM signal LED power supply with analog voltage (1-10V) that shows an exceptional wide input voltage range of 85 to 700 VAC input for better efficiency. Featured products include the FL6961 single-stage flyback and boundary mode PFC controller; the 1550V FJAFS1510A high-voltage ESBC emitter switched bipolar/MOSFET cascode switch; the 30V FDC655 single N-channel logic level MOSFET. Also included in demonstrations is the FL7730 single-stage primary side regulation (PSR) controller and FL7701 smart non-isolated buck LED driver for low-power, TRIAC and analogue dimming applications.

* Automotive: A steering sub-assembly demonstration will showcase Fairchild’s latest 40V PowerTrench MOSFETs that utilises Fairchild’s automotive power module (APM) and TO-Leadless packaging technology. Leveraging the APM technology, these devices support the automotive electronic industry’s need for higher currents and power density, lower power dissipation and smaller footprints.    [Page Break]

* Industrial Power: On display will be a complete solution for industrial power that includes the FOD8316 smart gate driver optocoupler, an advanced 2.5A output current IGBT drive optocoupler comprised of high-speed isolated feedback for fault sensing; and Fairchild’s 650V field stop IGBTs, the FGA40N65SMD and FGA60N65SMD, that feature high current handling capability, positive temperature coefficient, tight parameter distribution and a wide safe operating area.

* Motion Control: Fairchild will demo a complete motion control solution that includes an analogue and digital integrated motor controller that provides a powerful motor control algorithm and a flexible user interface in a single-chip design. Included is the FSBB20CH60C, part of Fairchild’s SPM smart power module family, that provides single-supply IGBT gate driving capability with an integrated high-speed HVIC; the FPS FSL206MR integrated PWM controller; and the FCM820x series of three-phase sinusoidal BLDC motors for improved motor drive efficiency. [Page Break]

* Smart Meter: A smart meter solution demo will include the highly integrated FAN6300 PWM controller suitable for high-frequency operation (up to 190kHz) for flyback converters; as well as Fairchild’s latest uni-directional smart relay drivers with integrated features, such as accurate timer pulses, that will save space, cost and make disconnect solutions safer and smarter.

* DC-DC Conversion: Fairchild experts will also demonstrate the GreenBridge FDMQ86530L quad-MOSFET with superior thermal regulation designed to dramatically reduce power loss in active bridge applications. Also on display will be Fairchild’s latest mid-voltage Dual Cool package technology, ranging from 40-150V, the devices provide exemplary switching performance as well as low junction-to-ambient thermal resistance.

* Portable: Fairchild will also have on display innovative mobile semiconductor design solutions that lower power consumption, extend battery life, boost on-the-go performance and speed time-to-market.

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