Harness energy at the press of a button

Paul Boughton

EnOcean's PTM 215, the first energy harvesting switch module integrating rolling code, offers data encryption for secure wireless communication in smart home, security access control systems and other critical applications.

In addition, EnOcean has expanded its DolphinAPI function library with new data decryption and encryption functions to enable easy and fast integration of security features in existing OEM Dolphin-based products.
The EnOcean PTM 215 module creates a 16 bit rolling code for each wireless telegram. The telegram header, telegram data and current rolling code in turn form the basis for generating a 24 bit message authentication code (MAC). The receiving system can use this code to check the authenticity of the data package.

The self-powered switch module harvests the energy it needs for generating the rolling code telegram and the wireless transmission with the help of the ECO 200 mechanical energy converter. [Page Break]

The converter generates enough energy at the press of a button to enable the module to send at least two redundant wireless telegrams. The PTM 215 is fully compatible with the PTM 200 pushbutton switch module, which exists since 2005, and requires no separate switch design. The new module is particularly suited to flat wireless switches with one or two rockers and manual switches with up to four buttons. This allows OEMs to manufacture switches for dimmers or blind management, for example. The PTM 215 complies with the wireless standard ISO/IEC 14543-3-10 and is available for the 868 MHz frequency band.
To enable easy integration of data decryption and encryption functions into existing products, EnOcean is now offering a new version of its DolphinAPI function library. OEMs can equip a receiver with data decryption functionality, for instance, to communicate with the new switch module PTM 215. [Page Break]

Furthermore, the new security features of the API can be used to expand customer-specific firmware, running on Dolphin modules. Here, EnOcean has adopted a modular security concept. By adding data security this in turn brings an increase in energy requirements. Manufacturers can control this by combining encryption mechanisms according to the individual demands of a particular solution.
“Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and smart home systems connect more and more devices to each other. Exchanging personal or business data within these solutions requires a secure data transmission to prevent unauthorised access. The new switch module PTM 215, as well as the additional security features of DolphinAPI, enables our customers to secure the communication of their devices accordingly,” says Frank Schmidt, Chief Technology Officer of EnOcean. “Thereby, OEMs applying energy harvesting wireless technology can meet all requirements of network applications in terms of flexibility, comfort, zero maintenance and data security."

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