Panel meter for flow, counting and rotational process measurement

Paul Boughton
Status Instruments has launched DM4500F, a new Frequency/Pulse count meter which accepts various types of pulse and frequency sensors to display Rate, Totalise, Flow, RPM and Pulse Count.

The DM4500F is suitable for applications such as rotational measurement, counting items on a conveyor or measuring flow rates.

When used as frequency meter and pulse counter, the DM4500F uses a five-digit resolution. With two digital inputs available, maths functions can be used to find, for example, the difference between two flow rate totals.
The Totalizer function has an eight-digit resolution displayed in two parts and can be linked to the optional output relays for example, to trip at a given total. It also has a remote digital reset facility.[Page Break]
All parameters can be entered by pressing combinations of the three sealed front panel keys through a series of menus in helpful mnemonics or via the optional communications port.

The five digit display on the DM4500F can be programmed to read in three different colours – red, green and orange - and two levels of brightness. Colours can also be programmed in a variety of ways – alarm, normal running or high scale for example.

Output options are provided that include, up to four relays or logic outputs as well as current/voltage and RS485 comms. These allow the product to be fully integrated as part of a larger control system.

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