Data logger with humidity sensor

Paul Boughton
DATAPAQ's new generation of the Food Tracker temperature profiling system comes with a humidity sensor for even more comprehensive data on food processes.

The capacitive sensor provides both relative humidity and temperature data in processes from -50 to 200°C. It is suitablefor baking applications such as dough proving where the moisture level is critical to product quality and yield. The humidity sensor is connected to the data logger along with up to eight type T thermocouples. While the logger is protected by a thermal barrier, the sensors can be placed directly within the product, on the surface, or in the air.

The Food Tracker enables HACCP-compliant documentation. The data logger has a large non-volatile memory that can be read out when the device exits the process.

Additionally, an optional integrated radio transmitter provides the ability to send real-time temperature data to receivers outside the process, enabling instant parameter review and adjustment. [Page Break]

The tested and proven radio telemetry system operates on license-exempt frequencies and is approved for use in Europe and other regions. The accompanying Insight software enables comprehensive analysis including functions such as micro=organism lethality calculations (Fo, Pu).

The system can be configured to generate alarms at critical control points. It allows users to adjust process temperatures to approximate the ideal values and thus optimize productivity and operating costs. A choice of thermal barriers affords suitable protection in static and conveyor ovens, steam cookers, deep fat fryers, and freezers. Further accessories include food trays and thermocouple jigs.

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