Port project: coral relocation planned

Paul Boughton
CSA International Inc (CSA) has been awarded the Hard Coral Relocation and Mitigation Works for the New Port Project in Doha, Qatar, under a sub-agreement with Middle East Dredging Company (MEDCO).  

The massive coral relocation project will be managed by a dedicated project management team based out of CSA’s Middle East Division in Qatar.  
CSA has completed the benthic site survey within the planned dredging and reclamation footprint and coral recipient areas and is currently developing the coral relocation method statement for removal and transportation of approximately 10,000 hard coral colonies.  

Concurrently, CSA is designing a constructed reef plan using natural limestone materials and fabricated artificial reef units for the creation of new reef habitat and to provide additional substrate for the reattachment of hard coral colonies.  

The success of the hard coral relocation and constructed reef efforts will be evaluated through a 3-year monitoring program following standard methodologies and guidelines provided by Qatar’s Ministry of Environment.  
CSA provides professional, experienced services to assess, enhance, rehabilitate, and monitor marine habitats damaged and/or at risk from proposed actions, accidents, and natural events.  

Primary objectives of restoration activities include accelerating habitat recovery and reducing liability for lost ecological services associated with natural resource damage.  

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