New control units and positioners for pneumatic actuators

Paul Boughton
KSB is launching a new generation of multi-functional valve control units and positioners for pneumatic quarter-turn and linear actuators.

The new AMTRONIC and SMARTRONIC incorporate functions ranging from simple open/close control of a pneumatic valve with open/closed position signalling to control tasks which are independently completed from a higher-level control station.

The all-in package consisting of valve, actuator and intelligent control unit or positioner, supplied fully parameterised and tested.

The VDI/VDE interface between positioner and actuator enables the positioner to be directly mounted to KSB’s own quarter-turn actuators of the Actair and Dynactair series.

Apart from being straightforward this solution helps save on costs as no installation components or external pneumatic piping are required. It also significantly reduces potential causes of failure as well as the risk of an undesired loss of compressed air.
The compressed air supply, the electronic control boards and the electric connections are located in separate compartments, which safeguards the corresponding functions during commissioning/start-up and maintenance work. Protected by this separation of functions and by a polycarbonate housing the units are very robust and reliable.

From outside the unit the pilot valves can actuated manually and the actuating times can be set.

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