Ultra-flat next-generation SIM card reader

Paul Boughton
The FMS006-8010-0 is a card reader with a new card removing technology from Yamaichi Electronics.

The FMS006-8010-0 card reader is a reversed-mount version with an ultra-flat installation height of only 1.34mm. Such a small installation height has conventionally only been possible for manual insertion/removal of the card, or by using an indirect insertion or removal process such as a tray.

With the newly developed pull-ejector mechanism, it is now possible to provide an even more convenient and reliable card removal, even in an ultra-flat housing. The mechanism is triggered by pulling a clip, pushing the SIM card out of the card slot by a defined distance. This ensures an ease removal.

The exterior dimensions of the device are 17.5x12mm. The card reader has six gold-plated contacts. Like nearly all Yamaichi card readers, this product also has a 2-point contact design. It is designed in such a way that the best possible contact reliability is ensured even in the face of vibrations and shock.[Page Break]

Furthermore, the card reader has a high degree of security against the incorrect insertion of the card. Thereby a special design feature would automatically stop the card if it was inserted in the wrong direction.

The insulating body of the card reader is made of LCP, while the metal cover is made of SUS. Four ground tabs provide outstanding EMC protection. Additional metal reinforcements also fasten the contact carrier, ensuring coplanarity during soldering.

The unit is mounted with SMT soldering on the bottom of the PCB (reversed mount type). The card reader is delivered packaged on tape reel belts.

For more information, visit www.yamaichi.eu