Simulator drives automotive development

Paul Boughton
Magneti Marelli is a tier-one supplier to automotive manufacturers throughout the world, developing components such as exhaust systems to exacting specifications and targets.

Using a Desktop Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) Simulator brings the company advantages when communicating with their customers throughout the development process.

For their Exhaust Systems department, troubleshooting, benchmarking and meeting targets are all enhanced by the speed and ease with which the simulator allows them to virtually develop and experience different exhaust designs.

Increased competition at the global level combines with the demand for more and more advanced products that promote safety, performance and respect for the environment. This has prompted the companies operating in Magneti Marelli’s sector to dedicate a growing share of their turnover to the innovation and development of new solutions. Reaching out to manufacturers is key to gaining and maintaining business and Magneti Marelli are taking a bold first step in this regard.

As the first tier-one component supplier to use a Brüel & Kjær Desktop NVH Simulator, they are taking the initiative in engaging their customers in the development process. This approach is paying off and assisting their general drive to supply more companies than the Fiat group alone.

“It provides more than we expected from the demonstration, in terms of what you can do with it,” says Massimo Ambrosino, from NVH Testing for Research and Development. “We use it as both a sales and an R&D tool in the Exhaust Systems department.”

For Mr Ambrosino, the simulator is highly effective for engaging with their clients during the development process. He says: “We typically have a visit from customers every week, so they can hear the latest developments on a particular solution that we are working on. This shows really effectively what we can do. We believe we are the first tier-one automotive supplier to adopt this technology, so it is a valuable differentiator.”

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