Connector for safe and quick rig up/rig down

Paul Boughton
Rota Engineering Ltd, specialists in Ex d Connectors announces a new compact and very robust DR4 Connector. This is the first certified Ex de IIC T6 Gb II 2G connector that may be disconnected with power on both sides and without the need for a hot work permit.

Based on the technology developed by Rota its design contains beneficial features from both their DE2 (Disconnect one side live) and D3 (Larger current disconnect both sides live) type connectors and raises the bar on these.

The patent applied for DR4 connector may be disconnected with both sides energised. This allows safe connection of Ex de circuits with stored energy and communication circuits like Ethernet and Profibus with return protocol signals that were previously not possible in this compact size. Added to this design is a yellow visual marking around the body clearly showing when the Connector is fully engaged.

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