Gasket delivers a more dynamic seal

Paul Boughton

Flexitallic Ltd's Change gasket delivers a more dynamic seal, with superior compression and recovery than any other gasket on the market*.  
Initially developed for heat exchangers, Change can be supplied with Thermiculite, PTFE, graphite filler and a wide variety of other metals, making it suitable for an extensive range of applications.
Phil Kelshaw, Managing Director, Flexitallic Ltd said:  “We are very excited about the launch of ‘Change’, the new generation of sealing technology. It’s a fitting way to mark one hundred years of innovation and kick-start our second century at the forefront of industry technology.”
Russ Currie, Applications Engineering Manager, Flexitallic Ltd, said: “ We developed a unique sealing construction and new welding process to engineer Change, which was created in direct response to customers’ long-term problems with gaskets in poor performing heat exchangers.
* Based on thermal cycling and leakage tests:  Modified Shell Test, ROTT and Compression testing.

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Flexitallic is based in Cleckheaton, UK.

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