Dedicated filtration solutions

Paul Boughton
Bekaert Advanced Filtrations technology for gas applications is based upon understanding process conditions and translating into optimum filter system design using elements made of metallic sintered fibre media.
The welded metallic elements operate from outside to inside. Bekipor filtration medium is characterised by high porosity, thin and multilayer structure with very fine fibre top layer allowing state of the art surface filtration. This implies low clean differential pressures, ensuring longer cycle time during cake build-up on the fine flow-in layer, avoiding particle penetration.
A backpulsing sequence is launched when maximum pressure drop is reached. It is a fully automated cleaning sequence using a limited volume of dry and clean gas. The graded fibre layer composition enhances a very efficient cleaning. The dust cake breaks and falls away, resulting in the recovery of a low residual pressure drop, consuming less energy than other filtration technologies.
Bekaert Advanced Filtration successfully promotes this clean-in-place filtration technology worldwide in downstream applications such as Fourth Stage Separation in Fluid Catalytic Cracking units, on top of Catalyst Hoppers or on Surge Drums in Continuous Catalytic Reforming.
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