Heavy oil community heads to Aberdeen

Paul Boughton
Since its launch in 2006 in Beijing, World Heavy Oil Congress has gained the reputation as the strongest platform for international and national oil companies, governments, service companies and international experts to navigate challenges and opportunities related to unlocking heavy oil around the globe.
Its production, transportation, and refining presents special challenges compared to conventional oil, and the need to bring this rich resource to market on an economically feasible basis, whilst minimising the environmental impact, requires serious industry discussion.
Every 18 months, in varying global locations, business leaders and technical experts converge at World Heavy Oil Congress to address these issues. Taking place 10-13th September, the Congress will be hosted by City of Aberdeen, Scotland – Europe’s energy capital.
Focusing on the theme of Improving Sustainability through Innovation and Collaboration and comprised of a business conference, over 140 technical presentations, networking, short courses and technical tours, the four-day event is dedicated to improving exploration, recovery, production and transportation of this rich resource.
“Global reserves of conventional oil are on a rapid decline, while abundant unconventional reserves endow heavy oil production with great exploration potential and broad development prospects. World Heavy Oil Congress is the premier forum focused on unconventional oil and business opportunities, technologies, economics and environmental impact from its development," says Wes Scott, Executive Vice President of dmg events, the producers of World Heavy Oil Congress.

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Dmg events (Canada), Calgary, Canada. www.worldheavyoilcongress.com


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