Micro disc pump technology provides silent running

Paul Boughton
TTP has invented a new miniature gas pump that replaces traditional mechanical operation with ultrasonic pressure generation technology to deliver greatly reduced size and silent running. The micro Disc Pump has already been commercialised in a wound therapy application and is ideally suited to other portable medical applications such as blood pressure measurement, as well as micro-fluidic and industrial applications where size, noise and controllability are important design factors.
Disc Pump’s ultra-slim design is achieved by using a piezoelectric actuator to drive pressure oscillations in a thin disc shaped cavity: one current model measures just 4mm in thickness. Silent operation is achieved by running the pump at frequencies above the limit of hearing, using special custom, high-speed valves to rectify the pressure oscillations.
The combination of pressure generation technology and high frequency operation make it possible to deliver pneumatic performance significantly higher than traditional pumps of comparable size. With a wide dynamic range, the TTP technology has already achieved stall pressures in excess of 600 mbar and flow rates of more than 2,500 cc/min. The high-frequency piezoelectric mechanism provides virtually ripple-free output compared to the pulsed output that characterises most conventional pumps.

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