Cleanroom-compatible HMI systems

Paul Boughton
R STAHL is offering a variety of operating and monitoring systems for installation in cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical sector as well as in other industries.

Suitable solutions covering various performance classes range from simple operating equipment for machine control up to Remote HMIs and Thin Clients with large displays, which support process control with complex plant visualisation requirements.

All models can be installed in cleanroom environments without any special provisions. The products have no detrimental effect on the cleanroom classifications under relevant regulations, eg standardised procedures according to VDI directive 2038, the EU's GMP directive, ISO 14644-1, or other market-specific and industry-specific standards. These systems are all available either in standard industrial design or as versions suitable for hazardous areas (zones 2/22 or 1/21).[Page Break]
Sealed pharmaceutical and cleanroom HMIs with ingress protection up to IP66 can be supplied both as stand-alone solutions or as complete wall-panel mountable elements.

Wall-panel versions are recommended for installation in cleanrooms of the highest category, so that the operating systems will not affect air circulation and no particles will settle on them.

All enclosures are made of conductive materials, making static charges impossible.

The devices are designed with smooth lines and without any dead spaces or dirt traps, making cleaning easy.

The HMIs are available with surfaces of stainless steel or of a dirt-repellent polyester membrane for display and keyboard. Both these materials can withstand powerful jets of water as well as most solvents or cleaning agents. The stainless-steel surface is polished to a very low surface roughness of 0.8µm (N6). Alternative options are anodised front frames and electropolished enclosures.

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