Colour TFT-LCD modules with projected capacitive touch panels

Paul Boughton
Mitsubishi Electric is launching new 6.5-in VGA (AA065VE11-PCAP), 10.4-in XGA (AA104XF12-PCAP) and 12.1-in XGA (AA121XN11-PCAP) color TFT-LCD modules with projected capacitive (P-CAP) touch panel and LVDS interface for industrial applications.

The new modules feature high brightness and wide viewing technology expanding the options for touch panel solutions for industrial equipment.
With these three new modules Mitsubishi Electric is offering highly reliable touch panel solutions including the TFT-LCD, P-CAP touch panel, controller board and driver software. The new modules are highly capable and convenient industrial products. All of the above mentioned components are factory installed and therefore provide excellent reliability.
The new TFT-LCD modules feature high sensitivity and a true-colour display even through a 2.8mm glass cover enabled by thin and highly conductive sensor lines made from proprietary TFT array technologies. Furthermore, they contain proprietary detective processing technologies which lead to a smooth response to finger movements even when wearing gloves.
Using the new P-CAP TFT-LCD modules gives customers multiple options for various applications and environments. Glass bonding of the TFT-LCD modules, touch panel sensor glass and cover glass provides clear image quality even in bright outdoor environments. Additionally, a variety of options like strengthened cover glass and anti-reflection/anti-smudge surface treatments are available to customize products to any operational environment.
The TFT-LCD modules meet the increasing market demand for projected capacitive touch panels for industrial use. Their intuitive operability, expansive temperature range, excellent colour quality and wide viewing angles allow their usage for diverse applications and installations.
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