Distributed frequency inverters

Paul Boughton
Distributed drive systems in plants with an expansive layout must enable a direct, uncomplicated configuration as well as easy access to all diagnostic data.

Therefore, SK 200E frequency inverters from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS – which can be mounted to the motor terminal box – are equipped with a proprietary system bus that allows for user-friendly, cost-efficient wiring in the field.

Connected to the fieldbus or an Industrial Ethernet system via a bus technology unit that acts as a gateway, the system bus can link up to four frequency inverters. Thus, four drive units are connected to the higher-level communication system at one single point.

The system bus concept provides another key advantage in terms of user-friendliness: all data is available at every diagnosis interface, ie users can access all data sets from every device connected to the system bus via RS232 interfaces at both the inverters and the technology unit.
Technology boxes are available for Profibus, PROFINET, DeviceNet, CANopen, and EtherCAT. NORD is currently developing further models for the Industrial Ethernet standards POWERLINK and EtherNet/IP.

A wide range of options are also available for control, configuration, and diagnostics: users can program simple drive functions directly at the inverter via DIP switches.

Operating devices such as the PotiAdapter, the SimpleBox, and the ParameterBox let users access the inverters via the RS232/RS485 interface.

In addition, NORD also provides the free-of-charge, user-friendly NORD CON software for laptops. The program features a clearly arranged user interface, various printing and archiving options, and an oscilloscope function that allows for the optimal adjustment of drive systems. Via line charts, all drive characteristics can be recorded and analyzed. T

he results enable users to optimise application-specific settings such as brake control or hoist functions. The frequency inverter stores all parameters that can be changed via a control box or NORD CON in a plug-in EEPROM module.
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