Scanner welding system has nine selectable axes

Paul Boughton
Rofin’s Scanner Welding System (SWS) is a fast beam deflection system used for robot guided multi-spot welding and specifically developed for use in conjunction with Rofin’s fibre laser series which is available with output powers of up to 4,000W.
The fiber laser can be integrated into fully automated welding systems, in combination with a 3D scanner and the RobotSyncUnit. The flexibility of SWS enables complex 3D components to be welded. By combining the axes of the scanner with those of the robot as the presentation mechanism, the system commands a total of nine selectable axes.
Regardless of weld type - spot, circular, wave or stitched seam, the seam geometry is freely programmable and can therefore be configured to specific strength and component requirements. The high-speed rotating mirrors in the scanner head allow extremely fast positioning of the laser beam, (in the ms range), across the working field. Robot movements and speeds can also be optimized using optional offline programming. These features minimize the non-productive time between weld positions to provide high process utilization.
Software functions also calculate path inaccuracies of the robot, making repeat accuracies in the range of < 0.2 mm possible. The RobotSyncUnit is the ideal solution for programming, controlling and monitoring the SWS. As an integrated operating and programming interface, RobotSyncUnit optimizes the interaction of the robot, scanner and laser and the system can be used with robots from a wide selection of suppliers.
                                                                                                       The new scanner head does not need an expensive flat field lens and therefore sets new standards for scanner welding in the harsh industrial environments often found within the automotive industry and other production environments.

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