Single axis drive – which can be used as part of a multi-axis motion solution

Paul Boughton
Based on the Allen-Bradley Kinetix 300 power design, the new Kinetix 350 has been developed to provide scalability for motion control systems, by simplifying integration of the entire control solution on one network.

The Kinetix 350 has been designed to connect and operate with the new family of Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PACs, supporting Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP, which can control up to 16 axes of motion. Combined as a system, they provide a cost-effective motion solution that delivers the high performance and scalability needed to compete in today’s industry.

With its compact design, the Kinetix 350 requires less panel space and can be connected easily. In addition, users can reduce installation and commissioning time by re-using code across integrated products throughout an entire machine portfolio. Available in 120 and 240V single-phase, 240 and 460V three-phase models, the new range offers 400W to 3kW power capabilities.

When coupled to an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix or Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PAC, which support Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP, the Kinetix 350 can be programmed with RSLogix 5000 V.20 software. Systems can also be enhanced using Motion Analyzer software, which helps optimise machine design by making it faster and easier to analyse, simulate and select motion control systems; by allowing you to prototype and analyse a variety of designs. It can also support standard motion instruction set including Kinematics.

Users can also reduce commissioning time thanks to the automatic identification functionality of correct motor-to-drive connectivity, when the Kinetix 350 is used with a variety of Allen-Bradley motors and actuators. These include MP-Series Low Inertia, Food Grade, Stainless Steel Motors and Medium-Inertia Motors; TL-Series motors; MP-Series Heavy-Duty Electric Cylinders; and MP-Series Integrated Electric Cylinders.

Safety in the workplace is also critical and continues to be a growing concern. With the Kinetix 350 users can help protect personnel and help improve productivity through increased machine availability. The Kinetix 350 comes equipped with embedded safe-torque-off functionality. Tasks such as machine setup, cleaning, removal of jams and other typical maintenance work that previously required power-down conditions can now be accomplished without removing power from the entire machine. The Kinetix 350 meets ISO 13849-1 Safety Category 3 Performance Level d and IEC 61508 SIL 2 safety standards:

The Allen-Bradley Kinetix 350 and Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PACs form part of Rockwell Automation's extensive mid-range solution, which offers control, motion, safety and visualisation over EtherNet/IP. Developed to maximise application performance, the mid-range solution caters for a variety machine sizes, complexities and budgets; exploiting standard unmodified EtherNet/IP and the simplicity of a single, easy-to-use programming environment that offers scalable, integrated control.                             

Only EtherNet/IP with CIP Motion technology combines the requirements of real-time, closed loop motion control with standard Ethernet. Fully compatible in a star or linear topology, it provides a simplified integration of the entire control solution on one network.

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