Analyser for bio gas

Paul Boughton
Siemens Industry Automation and Drive Technologies (IA&DT) has added to its range of complete systems for gas analysis with the development of the Siemens Set BGA. Designed for use in biogas plants, the system can analyse up to four anaerobic digesters at once.

The Siemens Set BGA (bio gas analyser) features an integrated ULTRAMAT 23 which, unlike many devices, has four measuring channels so all gas components are processed simultaneously. This removes the need for separate analysers which means operational efficiency is increased and costs reduced.

The Set BGA makes continuous monitoring of biogas plants a simple process. The analyser contains a measuring system and an optional sample preparation device and comes fully configured and ready to use. Its high levels of accuracy and self calibration ensures the highest level of operational efficiency is maintained and its rugged design ensures proven performance in a harsh industrial environment.

Bob Lane, process analytics business manager, Siemens Sensors & Communication, comments: “One of the benefits of using a Siemens Set BGA analyser is that it is easy to configure and avoids the same level of input in planning, engineering time, training and maintenance that individual analysers require. It is therefore an economical option for plant operators. While operational efficiency is a key focus, the ULTRAMAT 23 incorporated in the Set also improves safety on-site, as it accurately measures flammable gases – and it can measure lower levels of these compared to other devices on the market.”

The Siemens Set BGA can be fully integrated into a plant’s control system, enabling remote operation and process control.

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