Temperature control

Paul Boughton
Unistat temperature control systems provide numerous research laboratories and production lines with precise temperatures and stable process conditions.
The new Unistat Hybrid technology goes a step further offering a powerful solution for temperature control of very large volume reaction vessels. Using existing resources in production facilities, the Hybrid combines the control and accuracy of Unistats with the power of additional energy sources such as steam; cooling water or liquid nitrogen, ensuring optimal process control.
The addition the Unistat Hybrid system allows partial and cost effective modernisation of existing heating and cooling equipment in chemical and pharmaceutical production.
The Unistat provides fine control of the temperature and manages the interaction of various energy sources. In practice this means rapid heating of large reactors with hot steam or rapid cooling with liquid nitrogen or cooling water.
Intergration of the Unistat Hybrid offers highly controlled accuracy, extended temperature ranges and more heating and cooling performance resulting in increased productivity and higher yields.
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