Industrial flowmeters

Paul Boughton

UK flowmeter specialist Litre Meter has introduced a range of industrial flowmeters from Swiss manufacturer Vögtlin Instruments.
The instruments measure the flow of liquids and gases in a wide range of industrial and process applications worldwide. Litre Meter is now able to supply the full Vögtlin range of thermal mass and variable area flowmeters to UK customers.
For gas flow measurement applications, Vögtlin thermal mass flowmeters use heat to measure flow. Heat is introduced to the flow stream and the instrument measures how much heat is dissipated using temperature sensors. The Vögtlin Red-y series has an accuracy of ±1 per cent of full scale and models have a measurement range of between 100 norm millilitres per minute (mln/min) and 5,000mln/min.  The compact series is battery powered and has an LCD display, manual valve and alarm function.
Variable area flowmeters are robust and customisable. They offer a measuring accuracy of ± 2 per cent to ± 5 per cent, even in long-term operation up to a temperature of up to 100°C. The pressure of a fluid moves an internal float inside a glass tube along a linear scale enabling the flow rate to be calculated.
The Vögtlin product line complements the range of flowmeters built by Litre Meter in its own premises in Buckingham. The company offers a broad range of metering technologies suitable for virtually every liquid, gas or steam measurement application and has particular expertise in measuring low flow rates.
Charles Wemyss of Litre Meter said: “Litre Meter’s strength has traditionally been in flowmeters for particularly demanding situations, often with meters almost custom-designed and built for particular applications. Vögtlin gives our customers access to an off-the-shelf range of accurate and robust meters which meet the needs of a vast range of industrial and process applications.”
The Red-Y Compact series is part of the range of Vögtlin products on offer to Litre Meter’s UK customers.
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Litre Meter is based near Buckingham, UK.

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