Automation control panels with communication and fieldbus capabilities

Paul Boughton
Advantech has launched four new TPC Automation Control Panels that offer greater expansion capabilities, expanded DI/DO support and extended fieldbus control support.

Each of the new 15-in, 12-in, 10-in and 6-in models uses the fanless low power consuming Intel Atom processor (15–10-n=1.8GHz, 6-in=1.1 GHz) making them ideal for a range of machine automation and factory automation applications.

The TPC-71H Series feature a PCI-e expansion slot which supports four control protocols (Profibus, PROFINET, EtherCAT and Powerlink). With this feature, users can connect with PLCs such as Advantech’s APAX for further control and monitoring easily. This also supports the needs for the future of the IoT.

In addition, TPC-71H Series (except for 6-in) are integrated with eight isolated DI/DO ports which helps to connect with sensor devices for alarm function at industrial environments.

Furthermore, to ensure that the TPC can operate properly without data loss, TPC-71H Series provide RTC battery back-up for real time data management in case of accidental power failure. By combining an external antenna and communication modules, such as Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth, TPC-71 Series has an excellent wireless performance.

The whole TPC-71H Series including 6-in, 10-in, 12-in and 15-in models are available now.

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